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Ride Countdown

27th June 2014 07:30

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  • Twitter: doveybikeride
  • MailTo: info@aberdoveybikeride.co.uk
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  • External Link: www.justgiving.com/teams/aberdoveybikeride2014



Please login and select the 2014 Application Form menu item 

You must be up to date with previous sponsor money and not be banned to enter

A minimum of £75 sponsor money is required from each rider

Lets make this our biggest ride !!!

Aberdovey Bike Ride are please to announce we can now offer JUST GIVING pages for sponsor money collection.

Please follow the instructions in this document in the following document to create a Just Giving page.

All pages must be added to our Aberdovey Team Just Giving Page

Please one use the charities listed in the document, any other charities can only be added with permission of organisers.

You can still use a sponsor form, the money from these will be divided between those charities not registered with Just Giving.

The ride is currently full and closed to new entries at the moment.

We have had numerous requests to 'tag along' with the ride and we would like to make out position clear.

Aberdovey Bike Ride does not endorse any unregistered rider tagging along to the ride for the following reasons

  • Our Public Liability Insurance does not cover these riders.
  • Such riders will be made liable for any accident / injuries caused due to their unofficial involvement in the ride.
  • We cannot offer any support whatsoever to any unofficial rider.
  • Checkpoints will refuse to service any unofficial riders.

This may seem harsh but if we could accommodate you we would

If the opportunity to allow more riders occurs then the organising committee will at their discretion open the application process again.

Any rider who thinks they have a good reason for a place can request a review by the organisers. Valid reasons can be

  • Large amount of sponsorship
  • Offer of help / goods / services for the ride

Have you seen the new rider information panel?

If  you are logged in its up above this message, if not the you need to log in.

I will be updating the information and adding more shortly

3 Day Challenge

We met today to finalise the route for days 1 and 2 of the 3 day challenge.

We will start plotting the route tonight for the website, android app and GPS devices.

Keep an eye on the site towards the end of the week

We will also be posting some 3 day information shortly regarding travel, hotel, food & anything else we can think of!


1 Day Ride

The route for the 1 day ride (3 day final day) will be published shortly.

I can confirm the only change from last year is a new route into Newtown, apart from that the route is the same as 2013.

The long route will not be changing this year.

Due to the overwhelming interest in this years ride the organisers have taken the hard decision to limit the entries to 500 riders.

This was not an easy decision but we have consider the safety of the riders.

We will review this at a later time if circumstances change.

If your don't want to raise £75 sponsorship please give up your place to someone who does.......